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Globe Globe Education Consult

Company Background

Globe Education Consult from its inception has set itself apart as one of the leaders in offering exceptional and world class Education Consultancy Services for the past 8years since its registration in 2015 but has been in operation since its founding in 2009.Its birth has aimed at total consumer satisfaction, bold and head on services. Through the expertise of its proprietor and Managing Director, and the comprehensive skill set that he garnered from his work experience in various International educational institutions mainly India and the United Kingdom. This tenure enabled him to be instrumental in a number of startup projects here in Kigali such as Jain University Kigali Campus project, The British School of Business (BSC) Kigali Campus .

GEC Ltd has had a hand in a commendable number of higher education institution start-ups in Rwanda. They have been able to carry out and conduct feasibility studies and market research alongside representing foreign higher education providers in Rwanda. This has enabled the guidance and counseling we offer our Students to be top notch and factual, allowing them to make informed placement decisions on their career choices and preferred Universities.

Expansion and growth

GEC Ltd has also opened branch offices and agency partnerships in neighboring countries to cater to the growing need for its services; namely Burundi, DR Congo, South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. With a reputation for offering exemplary education consultancy services that precedes it. Many of GEC Ltd’s prospective clients have found placements abroad annually in countries such as UK, Australia, USA, Canada, China, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. This is all made possible by our representation and student recruitment agreements with reputable universities, enabling us to give sound career advice aiding in their decision making process and matching Individuals with best universities in countries of their choice.

Skills and competences acquired

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the overseas education sector
  • Intelligence on competitor activity in the market
  • oFluency in student life in overseas education destinations
  • Mastery of marketing and promotional strategies
  • Maintaining focus on customer needs
  • Ability to develop and maintain good relationships in all our industries of work and interest

Growth Strategy

Our Long-term plan is to have partner educational institutions in every continent to enable students enjoy more flexibility in their choices. GEC’s aim is to have budget oriented packages to enable equal opportunities to get the highest quality of education from any continent of their choice.


  • Maintain quality standard by compliance of offering quality services to students and education provider.
  • To provide value and quality in our services to students and education provider.
  • Bridging the gap between students and international institutions which open its doors to higher learning Institutions.
  • To give relevant, accurate and comprehensive information and advice after acquiring students personal profile, preference, objective and background.
  • To maintain consistency for fair and strict application of rules, impartially in decision making for ethical guidance.
  • To make sure GEC meets all the contractual obligations with education institutions, particularly in relation to marketing, recruitment and information given to the students.
  • To understand the socio-economic backgrounds of the student who may have different preferences.